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Expertise & experience - totally independent

The VibroDynamik team embodies global project experience in hydropower plants of all sizes, types and versions. We are engineers - for us the tangible benefit of our work is important, we are committed to precision and technically intelligent design. We believe that something must be understood before it can be improved. Hence we get to the nuts and bolts of the matter by looking under the bonnet.

Over 30 years’ industry experience honing our focus. As independent experts, we help you start where the greatest impact can be achieved.

A glimpse into our wealth of experience



Recommissioning following wide-ranging revamp
Linthal Unit 2 (Switzerland)
Herr Maerke.jpg

Martin Märke

for GE

Reversible pump-turbine balancing and vibration minimisation. Subsequent vibration monitoring in order to study operational behaviour and prevent nuisance tripping.

Variable speed, reversible pumped storage machine, 280 MVA, 500 rpm



Site measurements, type test & report publication
Xiang Jia Ba (China)

Martin Märke

for Alstom

Behavioural characteristics measurements of vibration and air gap as part of validation and type testing of the world's largest air-cooled hydro-generator. Responsible for the test planning and execution at the plant. Publication/presentation at Hydro Vision 2015 in Portland, Oregon, USA

Air-cooled hydro-generator, 888 MVA, 74.4 rpm



Vibration diagnostics & balancing
Etzelwerk G5 (Switzerland)

Martin Märke

for GE

The client had experienced high vibration on unit recommissioning following an overhaul. With the help of forensic level vibration diagnostics (fingerprinting) imbalances were determined and corrected, thus bringing the unit into a smooth running condition (class A according to ISO 7919-5 and 10816-5). Thereafter it could enter unrestricted daily operation

18 MVA, 500 rpm, 16 2/3 Hz, 1Ph, SBB



Support during wet commissioning
Nant de Drance (Switzerland)

Martin Märke

for GE

Balancing and diagnostics during the wet commissioning of units 1, 2 and 4.

Monitoring, data analysis and optimisation of operating behaviour during test runs in turbine and pump mode.

Variable speed, reversible pumped storage units, 165 MVA, 385 - 458 rpm


1997 - 2003

Technical project management of monitoring system (Brazil & Paraguay)

Martin Märke

for ABB and Alstom

Project manage the technical development and installation of a system monitoring (i) vibration, (ii) air gap and (iii)  temperature in Itaipu, then the world's largest hydroelectric power plant with a load of approx. 12 GW. Lead a workshop in Itaipu with specialists from Voith, Siemens and Alstom on the subject of "Faults in hydro-generator units". Drafting a detailed catalogue of over 120 descriptions of generator unit failures in the role of knowledge engineer.


Since 2016

Expert activity at the SNV & the ISO
Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) / International Standardization Organisation (ISO)

Martin Märke

for SNV and ISO

Expert function at the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) on NK104/UK3 Acoustics & Vibration and for ISO (International Standardization Organization) ISO/TC 108/SC 5/WG 17 for "Condition monitoring & diagnostics of hydro-electric generating units"



Standby/call-up support on operating problems
Premadio (Italy)

Martin Märke

for Alstom

Cracking of the rotor was evident on visual inspection. In order to monitor the machine over a certain time period vibration measurement, comprising additional sensors and operating parameter recording, was temporarily put in place. Limit values were set and evaluated and alarm signals passed to the plant control system. Remote tracking via telemetry was arranged and support provided.

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