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Why VibroDynamik?

Measurement precision is our passion

Exact measurement of vibration is a prerequisite for successful analysis and diagnosis. Appropriate sensors installed in the right place are key to reliable results. Thorough knowledge of different machine types is crucial when locating sensors. Only first-class data allow meaningful diagnosis. All our measuring devices are subject to regular quality controls. For quality reasons we prefer to use our own measuring devices. However, if sensors are pre-installed on a machine-group we can review their integration in to our systems and, if necessary, supplement with temporary sensors

With experience to the desired diagnosis

Current measurement systems mostly save and present measured data in countless diagrams and charts. This alone will not solve your problem. Long experience and an understanding of the interrelationships between design, assembly and operation of systems are indispensable to diagnosis. To succeed one must know and recognise the symptoms of disorders, classify them correctly and weight them. Measurements must be analysed and observed continuously in order to identify irregularities and adapt the examinations to prevailing conditions. Final diagnosis necessitates experience - in practice it is seldom easy to detect theoretically clear symptoms.

Power plant planning, advising & project management

If diagnosed problems cannot be addressed forthwith, e.g. by balancing, because of other pending works, VibroDynamik will help you plan and project manage necessary measures. We have 40 years of experience in the planning of power plants and components. Are you planning a major overhaul, a refurbishment, an uprating with increased performance or even a new system? VibroDynamik can support you in feasibility studies, enquiry packages, specifications, tender evaluations, acceptances and during execution. We can advise you in all matters relating to condition monitoring, the drafting of specifications, pre-engineering, testing, acceptance and training.

Fast, reliable, solution oriented

Known and previously solved issues mean greater operating hours and availability and ultimately better financial results and satisfied stakeholders and consumers.

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